3 bedroom suites in Santa Monica

Why consider renting a three bedroom suite in Santa Monica? There are many reasons, but some of the most compelling are the spacious accommodations, the quality of the furnishings and finishes, and the amazing location. A three bedroom suite can easily accommodate a larger family or group of friends, and the luxurious furnishings and finishes make it feel like a home away from home. Plus, being in Santa Monica puts you right in the heart of one of the most beautiful and popular beach towns in the country. With so much to do and see, a three bedroom suite is the perfect way to enjoy all that Santa Monica has to offer.
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Best Three Bedroom Suites in Santa Monica, CA

Ocean View Suite | Three Bedroom

  • Hotel Casa Del Mar
  • 3 beds
  • 1,700 sqft

Why do we recommend this suite?

The Ocean View Suite | Three Bedroom at Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica is a luxurious accommodation option for travelers seeking ample space and stunning ocean views. This suite features three spacious bedrooms with queen-size beds, three full bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a comfortable living room. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean from their private balcony or terrace.


  • Spacious accommodations ideal for families or groups.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen allows for convenient in-room dining options.
  • Private balcony or terrace offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Access to hotel amenities such as pool, spa, fitness center, and on-site restaurant.
  • Prime location on Santa Monica Beach allows for easy access to local attractions and activities.

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Proper Three Bedroom Suite

  • Santa Monica Proper Hotel
  • 3 beds
  • 2,260 sqft

Why do we recommend this suite?

The Proper Three Bedroom Suite at Santa Monica Proper Hotel offers 1,625 square feet of luxurious living space with three separate bedrooms and three full bathrooms. The suite is designed by Kelly Wearstler and features custom furnishings, plush bedding, and high-end amenities such as a full kitchenette, dining area, and living room with a fireplace. Guests can enjoy stunning views of either the city or ocean from their private balcony. Other hotel amenities include an outdoor pool surrounded by lush gardens, a rooftop lounge with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, and multiple dining options.


  • Luxurious living space.
  • Custom furnishings and plush bedding.
  • High-end amenities including kitchenette and fireplace.
  • Stunning views from private balcony.
  • Access to on-site outdoor pool, rooftop lounge, and dining options.

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Santa Monica offers an array of luxurious and spacious 3-bedroom suites for travelers who are looking for comfort and convenience. Whether you’re visiting with family or friends, these suites provide ample space and privacy, making your stay in Santa Monica unforgettable. With stunning ocean views, modern amenities, and proximity to attractions like the beach boardwalk and vibrant dining scene, the 3-bedroom suites in Santa Monica truly offer a unique vacation experience.


What are 3 bedroom suites in Santa Monica?

3 bedroom suites in Santa Monica consist of three separate bedrooms, a living room area, and a kitchenette or full kitchen.

Where can I find 3 bedroom suites in Santa Monica?

You can find 3 bedroom suites in various hotels and vacation rental properties throughout Santa Monica.

How much do 3 bedroom suites in Santa Monica cost per night?

The cost of a 3 bedroom suite in Santa Monica varies depending on the hotel or vacation rental property, time of year, and other factors. Prices typically range from $500 to $1500 per night.

Are there any family-friendly activities near the 3-bedroom suites in Santa Monica?

Yes! There are several family-friendly activities near the 3-bedroom suites in Santa Monica. These include visiting the beach parks like the Annenberg Community Beach House park with splash pads for kids to play around water while adults relax on loungers; exploring attractions like Pacific Park amusement park along with Ferris wheel rides over Pacific Ocean; strolling through Third Street Promenade featuring street performers; taking an open-air fitness class at Muscle Beach outdoor gym – perfect for families who love active lifestyle pursuits!

Can I book a 3 bedroom suite for a long-term stay?

Yes, some hotels and vacation rentals may offer discounts for extended stays. If you are interested in booking a 3 bedroom suite for an extended period, contact the property directly to inquire about rates and availability.

Is it recommended to rent 3-bedroom suites over other room types in Santa Monica?

It depends on your preferences, budget and group size. However if you are traveling with family or friends then renting a 3-bedroom suite can be a good option as they provide more space & privacy while often being more cost-effective than booking multiple hotel rooms.